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Tax Credit and Incentives Consulting Services

Tax Credit and Incentives Consulting Services

In partnership with Corporate Tax Incentives, Coeus Global provides
Tax Credit & Incentives Consulting Services!

Billions of dollars in tax breaks available to businesses each year!

Enterprise Zone Credits . Work Opportunity Tax Credit . Federal Zone Credits . Research & Development

The tax benefits that your business can take advantage of can be substantial, as these incentives are often tax credits that reduce your businessí income or franchise tax dollar for dollar. We offer the highest level of expertise, as our firm consists professionals with experience with Big 4 Accounting firms, state taxing agencies and government economic departments.



Our services focus on the federal programs and incorporate the state and local programs as appropriate. We will secure business incentives that include (but not limited to) tax savings such as income tax credits, deductions and exemptions and other financial benefits in the form of cash grants, training assistance/grants and low interest financing. Our process includes working with businesses to design an overall solution that allows a business to secure and maximize the federal, state and local programs in a single (non-intrusive) process and focuses on the following primary areas of a business:

  • Business expansions (new or existing operations)
  • Filling new or existing employee positions
  • Training (new or existing) employees
  • Equipment purchases
  • Research and development
  • Business acquisitions

By focusing on these areas, we will be able to identify a variety of incentives for a business:

We provide a wide range of services from handling the full outsource of the function to providing consultation services to clients handing the process internally or audit representation services as requested.

Our Approach

CTI provides a full service delivery model where we secure all the available benefits for our clients. We often find that businesses will only be claiming a portion of the available benefit. For example, a company may be claiming the California Enterprise Zone Hiring Credit but not any of the federal hiring credits. Since each of the programs involve a similar screening process, we find it more efficient and beneficial to secure all related hiring credits as part of a single process. Additionally, with the federal tax liability generally representing a larger portion of a companyís total tax liability, our approach considers the federal programs as a priority.

We take the following steps to ensure we provide a complete service to our clients:


Using advanced software technology and the internet, we have integrated a sophisticated system that allows us to efficiently capture available federal, state (including but not limited to the California Enterprise Zone Credits) and local credits. We find that many other providers do not pursue all available federal credits and state credits due to their infrastructure limitations and lack of knowledge of the many state and local programs.

Our technology provides us with enhanced project management capabilities that considerably reduce our costs and redefine our services in the following areas: Identification of all federal, state and local credits available based on business address and business type:

  • Assistance in the employee screening process to ensure all qualification categories have been properly reviewed and identified
  • Assistance in capturing the necessary support and documentation for qualification purposes
  • Automatic generation of pre-populated applications required to submit for certification/voucher or other approval purposes in various hiring credit programs
  • Automatic generation of pre-populated tax forms required to file for tax return reporting purposes
  • Automated credit calculators that use standard data templates
  • Generation of standard reports to properly document the credit in the event of an audit by a tax agency

The system provides us with the tools to reduce a businessís tax burden by securing federal, state and local income tax credits related to hiring new employees and purchasing certain types of equipment. Competition has provided the opportunity for your business to receive our expanded services at a lower price. Whether you currently use another provider or capture the benefit through your own efforts, please contact us immediately for your free analysis to see how our services can benefit your business.

Please call (866) 765-0592 or email for a
no obligation evaluation of your current process and future needs.

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